Ekaterina N.

Ekaterina Nilova
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fínčina, ruský jazyk, ruský jazyk - business
Bratislava, 81103
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Fínčina – Bratislava alebo Skype
Ruský jazyk - Bratislava alebo Skype

Fínsky lekcie s rodeným hovorcom.

I am professional Russian and Finnish language teacher.
Finnish is my second native language. I have graduated from school in Finland and have experience in teaching Finnish as a foreign language. I have experience in teaching Finnish with direct method (without common language between me and my group of students). Please contact me if you are interested in learning Finnish for your business, personal relationships or other reasons!
Ruský jazyk
I have 3 years of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language in school, adult education center and as a private tutor. Russian is my first native language.
Unfortunately, I do not speak Slovak yet, but that is NOT an issue, that is the MOTIVE for student to learn to COMMUNICATE in foreign language faster!

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