Michaela G.

Michaela Greitagova
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 anglický jazyk
  Vieden, Bratislava
 841 02 (Bratislava)
  15€ - 20€ za 60 minút
  doobeda, poobede, večer, víkend,
  70% zodpovedaných správ


After London became my home for almost 20 years, I consider myself very much of a Londoner and close to a native speaker. Over years I gained a deep knowledge and skills in BRITISH ENGLISH language and I decided to share it.
I have worked and studied in many different areas and fields predominantly in SALES driven environment at Virgin Active health clubs (one of many Sir Richards Brandson companies), Real estate agencies in Kensington but also in ADMINISTRATION/OFFICE MANAGEMENT for various companies in city of London.
I am offering conversational lessons via Skype which enables all short and long distance clients to reach me easily. It is less time consuming since you don't have to travel anywhere. I personally think that this type of 1:1interaction is the most effective way to improve your English and make it fluent. The interaction is very real, personal and intense.
Are you looking to improve your CONVERSATIONAL or BUSINESS ENGLISH for your job, interview or need a help with particular topics for your studies, please feel free to contact me. I can tailor your lessons according to your requirements and shortfalls. Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you :)


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