Tutoring Business Englishn or Academic English in Bratislava-Ruzinov, Senec or via Skype

Kim S.

Kim Sh
Účet overený:

Bratislava-Ruzinov, 821 04
Doučuje aj cez skype / internet
14€ - 19€ za 60 minút
večer, víkend,
80% zodpovedaných správ
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Hi Everyone

I wish you very good day.

I have moved to Slovakia from UK around 1 year ago and currently I am working for International company.
Simultaneously I am teaching Business English to couple of professionals as well as Academic English to school-aged pupil.
I am in love with tutoring that's why I would like to commit few more hours to teach.
I am not speaking Slovak so hopefully we can manage to communicate in English.
I can commit tutoring either in Ruzinov - Bratislava or enec or via Skype after usual business hours.
Depending on frequency of lessons as well as of location I am expecting the tuition fee be in the range of 12-20 EUR per hour.
If you will have any queries do not hesitate to write me.

Sincerely yours


Lekcie s Kimom boli super. Vie sa nastavit na studentovu uroven, hodiny boli vedene vzdy zaujimavo, s velkou trpezlivostou a profesionalne. Mozem len odporucat.

Peter P. - 13.3.2018

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