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Yota H.

Yota Hayakawa
Účet overený:

japončina, anglický jazyk, nemecký jazyk
Bratislava, 81106
Doučuje aj cez skype / internet
70% zodpovedaných správ
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Hello! My name is Yota. I am hardworking, patient and passionate. Because of this, teaching is where my heart is. I enjoy teaching students of all levels, so whatever your ability I would love to help you learn. I am a native Japanese speaker, but I learnt how to teach Japanese to non-native speakers, so I understand the difficulty of learning Japanese. I worked for the cram school for junior and high school students as a Japanese and English language teacher for a couple of years in Japan. I have also been teaching Japanese for over a year in Europe. I have lived in Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, the UK and am currently living in Slovakia following my graduation from university. I have learned that people often have their own learning style and they are all unique to themselves. Please feel free to discuss with me why you want to study the Japanese language, what your goals are and what interests you about learning Japanese. Attend my lessons and soon you'll be speaking Japanese without any language barriers!

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