☘️☘️☘️ Native english speaker from Ireland - english conversations in Bratislava.

Aidan D.

Aidan Davidson
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angličtina - konverzácia, anglický jazyk - conversations
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Ahoj, my name is Aidan. I´m 22, I was born in England, then moved to Cork in Ireland. Now living in the centre of Bratislava. I am very flexible considering time and location of the conversations. As I am a native english speaker I speak Slovak very little and that could be an interesting way for others (also you) to learn english through conversation. I like sports such as football, tennis and etc...and I am ready to introduce you to irish sports such as Hurling or Gaelic football. I like different kinds of music and movies also. I will talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I´m opened to new topics and I would be happy to learn also something more about Bratislava and Slovakia in general :) .

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