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Tatiana K.

Tatiana Krčmáriková
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dochádza za študentom
doučuje aj skupiny
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Hello, my name is Tatiana.
During my life I have met many people who were clever and who wanted to grow, Unfortunately, the only reason why they could not was their English knowledge. As everybody knows, English language is one of the most used languages all over the globe and if you want to move forward you will find out that the leck of the knowledge may be the problem.
It never was my problem though, I have been learning English since I was 6. I travel to England every year to visit my father and I use business English nearly every day in my job. But not everyone has a chance to get in touch with it so regularly.
That is the reason why I am here. Let me share my English knowledge with you and together we will make a great progress.

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