French native speaker from Vichy, the cosmetics city

Valentin C.

Valentin Corad
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francúzsky jazyk - začiatočník, francúzsky jazyk - konverzácia, francúzsky jazyk
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5€ - 8€ za 60 minút
doobeda, poobede, večer, víkend,
dochádza za študentom
doučuje aj skupiny
100% zodpovedaných správ
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I am an ancient young engineer in environment where I used to work in Rennes, Britain Region in France. (Best crepes ever !) I am organised and have good communication skills.

I currently work in Stanica Záriečie in the international team where one of my main mission is the promotion of the french culture.

Among others, I for instance, teach french language. I got some students very motivated in particular the students from the bilingual school of Zilina that wanted to converse with me, learn specific expressions and improve their knowledge about my country, and some other people complete beginners that were interested in learning basics. I am flexible.

I also used to work in the European International Association: Erasmus Student Network in France (certification attached) where I organised language events about french and teach people.

It's with a certain pleasure that I want to share my culture and my language with people having any kind of level in French. The most important is the motivation.

The first free 30 minutes we will decide together what are your specific needs. Depending on these we will work together your understanding, speaking and writing. It can be also just conversations. I will also give you some exercices : could be a creation of a short dialogue, grammar exercices or a complete translation, etc.

My teaching is to make you learn french to use it in the daily situations while using differents supports and medias.

We can communicate with anykind of media but the better is of course to meet in Zilina itself.

Au plaisir de se rencontrer prochainement.


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