learn Korean with a native korean speaker. advanced pronunciation and natural expression

Hansoo B.

Hansoo B.
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My specialty
-Hangul (Korean writing system)
-correcting your pronunciation with clear explaination
-natural expression/ phrase which is used actually in Korea

Hello everyone.

My name is Hansoo Bae. I've been interested in my mother tongue, Korean for many years. As soon as I studied English, linguistics, and psychology, I started to consider teaching my language to others.
I have got to know some students who are studying the Korean language and I have found that many of the Korean language teachers are focused on only grammar and vocabulary. On the other hand, many of them often fail to produce correct pronunciation or speaking. some students complained that some teachers have an outdated style(grammar and reading only) and they don't explain clearly about some mechanisms or pronunciations. Some students complained that in the book, there are so many awkward expression.

I would like to offer you balanced learning, by teaching correct pronunciation with clear explanation, natural phrase, and culture as well. I will try to focus on what you really want to improve.

I've been studying for a Master course which taught in English. thus, I believe that there won't be many problems to deliver my knowledge and communicate with each other.

I've been teaching already a few students offline so I'm not totally beginner in terms of teaching. I would be kind and friendly to you, and will do my best for teaching.

Thank you very much!
Hansoo Bae

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