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Michael M.

Michael Masare
Účet overený:

španielsky jazyk, anglický jazyk, portugalčina, taliansky jazyk
10€ - 13€ za 60 minút
doobeda, poobede, večer, víkend,
dochádza za študentom
doučuje aj skupiny
80% zodpovedaných správ
1h priemerná rýchlosť odpovede

Hello everyone 👋 I'm here in Bratislava working part-time and I'm available to teach languages on my free time. I am fluent in spanish, english, portugues and Italian. I have worked for language schools in Brazil and also here in Bratislava. I am also cheff in culinary arts, so I also teach cooking lessons, techniques and know-how, to prepare that special dish😋.If you are interested in learning/sharpenning a new language, or learn how to cook, feel free to contact me at : 0949677839. See you!

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