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Rafal A.

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Rafal A.

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Rafal Aleksandrowicz English language lessons at €55/45 min

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Preferované časy: doobeda, poobede, večer

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“Those who know, do; those that understand, teach” - Aristotle

I teach out of passion for teaching, not by compulsion. Learning here is essentially based on the application of a language.

Details about teaching experience:

I focus primarily on catching up with previous years, because this is where 99% of all language problems begin. A solid foundation is needed to build a tall building. I do give homework on a regular basis and I make summary tests on an ongoing basis in order to consolidate and systematise the knowledge.

THESE ARE NOT ORDINARY LESSONS. These are the lessons you've always wanted to come to. You will change your mind ON English being difficult. You have found the tutor you've been looking for so long.

How can I help you:

1. Basically:
- with LEARNING of the practical use of English, i.e. correct understanding of the meaning, speaking, listening, reading, writing. (All the same as you do in your native language.)

2. In addition:
- with ACQUIRING OF KNOWLEDGE about the principles governing the use of language, i.e. the theory of language, the so-called grammar.

3. In preparation for the exams

4. Also:
- school program
- catching up
- business English

What distinguishes me from other tutors?

- healthy approach to teaching
- positive energy, a pleasant form of learning
- interesting lessons that always teach something new
- patience and a good translation in a very understandable way
- each lesson is carried out punctually and at a high level
- individual and pedagogical approach to the student
- 100% pass rate
- regular homework
- online lessons mastered to perfection
- three-stage work on the text (learning / checking / practising: reading, understanding, speaking)

What will you get?

Peace of mind about your child's grades/results of that of yours. You will not be stressed during lessons or exams. You will start speaking in 4 weeks!

What do online lessons look like and are they as effective as classroom lessons?

Yes of course. My way of running the class has not changed. I conduct classes on Cambridge Press English-language books via Skype.

Did you know that most of the students' English problems stem from previous years' backlogs?

Here's a simplified plan to overcome of your English language struggles:

Stage 1: Getting acquainted, performing a needs analysis and a test of the level of current knowledge

Stage 2: Making up for the shortcomings (if any). We will list down the areas in which there are gaps and we will systematically fill them in accordingly.

Stage 3: Learning on the actual school topics. We will also be doing regular tests on the past material

Stage 4: We do more difficult issues, reading and checking correct understanding / translation.

About me

I live in London. In everyday life I have been speaking English since the age of 8.

I am not a typical school teacher getting a student bored to death. I am passionate about English and about the methods of teaching it effectively.

I believe that it is not worth taking classes blindly. Fees apply only if you are satisfied.

Master's Degree
London Metropolitan University (as the latest academia attended)

PERSONAL TRAINER qualifications:

Diploma of Level 3 Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer from Fitness Industry Education (now Train.Fitness) in Great Britain according to REPs (The Register of Exercise Professionals), CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) standards and ACSM (The American College of Sports Medicine) in the field of: - Anatomy and physiology - Teaching models - Health risk stratification - Postural Assessment - Health and safety