Lucia G.

Lucia Gulasova
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angličtina, anglický jazyk, anglický jazyk - komunikácia, angličtina - konverzácia
Bratislava, 84100
Doučuje aj cez skype / internet
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I've been teaching English for a number of years and have come to understand I'm best at teaching intermediate to advanced adults who wish to brush up on their English and expand their vocabulary both work- and non-work-related. I can also help prepare for various exams, I'm able to explain grammar well, though that is normally not the focus of my lessons.
I strive to make the lessons enjoyable and interesting - I equally wish not to be bored ;)

I generally give lessons to individuals, at companies, but can also teach small groups of up to four participants.

Various specialized English such as Business is no obstacle.

I aim to provide lots of stimulation for my students to help them use their English as often as possible.

In September I'm returning to teaching after a year I took off with our third baby. Subsequently I have a few slots open for new students, in the forenoons, one even early in the morning, at 7:30.

If you think I can help out, feel free to contact me, in English, please. The first meeting where we can determine whether or not our cooperation would be mutually beneficial, is free of charge.

Skype is an option though I only do it with my existing clients at the moment.

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