Marcel D.

Marcel De Guérande
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francúzsky jazyk - pokročilý, francúzsky jazyk - business, francúzsky jazyk
Bratislava, 82108
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I am a french student in a Masters Degree in law.
I am 22 years old. I am born in the north of France but study in the south.
I offer and will be please to speak to anyone who would like to practice, improve, or just keep a good level in french or english.

My main language is french. During our conversations I can have either an accent from the south of france, or a parisian one as you prefer.
I will be very happy to share anything about my home country, and could give you some advices in french literature, movies or art if you want to go further in your learning.

I also speek very good english. My parents are both english teachers, and I am currently studying law in english. Moreover, I worked several months in the United States at Walt Disney World Orlando. I will be also very pleased to speak in english and share my experiences with you.

I did many travels around Asia, Europe, and the US, and will be also very happy to talk about them, and yours !

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