Neil B.

Neil Buley
Účet overený:

 anglický jazyk - komunikácia, angličtina, anglický jazyk
 Dubravka, Bratislava
 841 02 (Bratislava)
  13€ - 17€ za 60 minút
  doobeda, poobede, večer,
  dochádza za študentom
  doučuje aj skupiny
  50% zodpovedaných správ
  35h priemerná rýchlosť odpovede

I am a thirtythree year old American from Oregon State. I recently started teaching English conversation classes at a language school in Bratislava and would like to teach additional students on the side.

I have a TEFL English teaching certificate and a bachelor's degree in art with a minor in Spanish. Students describe me as positive, patient, helpful, and fun to talk to. My English is clear and easy to understand.

My availability is very flexible. I live in Dubravka, but I am willing to teach in the city center or at other locations, if not too far away.

So far, I have only taught adult conversation classes, but I will be happy to customize lessons to your needs. I would also enjoy doing activities while speaking English casually, such as walking, billiards, table tennis, having tea, etc.

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