Phrasal verbs part 1

Phrasal verbs part 1

Publikované: 19. 4. 2022 Autor: Martin P.

Ahojte, volám sa Martin a dnes by som chcel rozprávať o frázových slovesách. Frázové slovesá sú vyborný prostriedok ako zlepšiť Váš level jazyka, keďže native speakri ich použiváju neustále. V tomto zozname som si pre Vás pripravul 10 frázaliek, ktoré patria medzi najpoužívanejšie. So let´s get into it!

1)Calm down – relax after being angry

Ex. You can sit with us after you have calmed down.

2)Catch up – get to the same point as another person.

Ex. After my week of vacation, it’s going to take me forever to catch up!

3)Do over / Do (something) over – do again

Ex. I have to do the e-mail over because I sent it to the wrong person.

4)Eat out – eat at a restaurant

Ex. Let’s make spaghetti tonight, I’m tired of eating out.

5)Figure out / Figure (something) out – understand or find the answer

Ex. We left early because we figured out the problem.

Ex. We figured the problem out, so we left early.

6)Give up / Give (something) up – stop trying, quit

Ex. I gave up smoking last year.

7)Go over (something) – review

Ex. Go over your receipt to make sure they charged you correctly.

8)Hang out – spend time relaxing (informal)

Ex. I don’t have any money, let’s just hang out at my place.

9)Hold on – wait for a moment

Ex. Hold on one minute, I’m on the phone.

10)Call off / Call (something) off – to cancel

Ex. We need to call off the meeting due to the weather.

Ex. We need to call the meeting off because it is going to rain.