Words Liable to be Confused 1

Words Liable to be Confused 1

Publikované: 26. 7. 2022 Autor: Viktor V.

Some words with totally different meanings are liable to be confused, often, but not always, because they are pronounced similarly or have similar spellings. Below is a list of words which are often confused.

accept-accept a gift

except-everyone except Viktor

access-access to the building

excess-an excess of food at the picnic

adapter-adapter of the novel for TV

adaptor-an electrical adaptor

addition-an addition to the family

edition- a new edition of the book

adverse-an adverse reaction to the drug

averse-not averse to the idea

advice-seek legal advice

advise-we advise you to go

affect-badly affected by the news

effect-the effects of the drug

alternately-feeling alternately hot and cold

alternatively-we can drive there, alternatively, we could walk

amend-amend the law

emend-emend the text before printing

breath-take a deep breath

breathe-breathe deeply

complimentary-complimentary remarks

complementary-complementary medicine

credible-a credible story

creditable- a creditable performance

dairy-milk from the dairy

diary-writing in her diary every day

drunk-to have drunk too much

drunken-a violent man

expand-expand the business

expend-expend a great deal of energy

flu-suffering from flu

flue-cleaning the flue

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