Publikované: 7. 8. 2022 Autor: Viktor V.

Clichés are an established feature of the English language, being particularly common in spoken English Language and informal written contexts. People tend to use them unconsciously and most of us are unaware of quite how often we use them. People dislike clichés because they are overused. They often add a bit of colour to the language.

most common clichés:

accidents will happen - things go wrong at some time in everyone's life

actions speak louder than words- how a person acts is more important than what they say

as a matter of fact-the following statement is true

better late than never- an ironic way of saying something or someone is late

the bottom line-the outcome of the conclusion/most important factor

call it a day-give up and stop a venture

the calm before the storm- a time before an unpleasant situation where everything seems fine

chalk and cheese-opposites

at crack of dawn-very early

to cut a long story short-to summarise

day in, day out- every day

donkey's years ago-many years ago

easier said than done-more difficult than it appears to be

enough is enough-no more can be tolerated 

face facts-be honest with yourself

green with envy-very jealous

leave no stone unturned- to search everywhere

a little bird told me-I can't tell you my sources

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