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Kate T.

Kate Turyanytsya
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English / Russian
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Hello there,
My name is Katie and I’m an English teacher.

English plays a huge role in my life. Growing up in Ukraine with no opportunities to travel overseas
and no internet, English opened a door to a totally new world, my dream world. One that only existed for those who speak the language. I could easily travel to a proper English countryside while
reading “Jane Eyre” or imagine myself in sunny California as I was reading through new lyrics of my favourite US rock bands.

Later on, my knowledge of English made me a better medical student and a doctor, because I was always kept on top of the latest UK medical research.
And I really want you to succeed and to help you in your journey learning English. I’m using a variety of techniques and materials to keep the lessons fresh. You will improve your level by talking about events in the world, nutrition, sports, and your life and your hobbies. I would also love going through
the lyrics of your favourite songs or through Jamie recipes, if you fancy cooking.

I know learning new language can be scary and intimidating, because I’m also a language learner.
But, if you dream of living in a English speaking country or studying online, I’m here to support you.

Imagine the freedom you will have and the endless opportunities ahead of you.
I’m looking forward to having a class with you. See you soon. Bye bye

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