Andrea P.

Andrea P.

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Andrea P.

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Business English Communications Coach with a NATIVE/or Basic Conversation

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  • Od  25 €/hod
  • Preferované časy: doobeda, poobede, večer
Cena Od 25 €/hod
Preferované časy: doobeda, poobede, večer
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❌Is your English affecting your job performance and limiting you from being successful?

❌Do you feel challenged and self-conscious when participating in meetings, discussions, business-oriented events, or when networking on an international level?

❓Do you want to improve your English Business communication skills, as well as your growth mindset, and overcome your fear of communicating, so you can start pursuing your professional dreams ? If so.......

I help committed Business Professionals to improve their job performance and secure future career opportunities by advancing their communication skills in English. Some topics that we can work on:

✔️Corporate Culture
✔️Job Interviews
✔️Working Abroad
✔️Business Presentations
✔️Corporate Social Responsibility
✔️Growth Mindset

I can help you advance in BUSINESS ENGLISH so your clients, employees, and business partners will be able to understand you clearly. And you will be able to expand your English vocabulary to better express yourself and have the confidence to participate in meetings, attend business-oriented events, and communicate with your audience.

Or if you just need BASIC Conversation that can be arranged as well.

travel, current events, famous people and places, history, debates, thought provoking discussions and etc.

About me and my lessons:
My name is Andrea, I am from NYC, and I help business professionals.
I have my own office in the city center, or we can meet online on ZOOM.
My lessons are fun, interactive and I do not use books. Instead focus on current situations, use videos, and targeted lesson plans to help you improve.

And I have a small dog, love to cook, be out in nature and enjoy being a digital nomad. :)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information or want to book a FREE consultation.

Look forward to talking to you. :)