Christy C.

Christy Clarkson
Účet overený:

 angličtina, anglický jazyk, psychológia
 821 02 (Bratislava)
  10€ - 12€ za 60 minút
  doobeda, poobede, večer,
  50% zodpovedaných správ
  13h priemerná rýchlosť odpovede

I am a native Canadian from Toronto but i lived in Slovakia for over 13 years. The last 3 years I lived in Prague where I studied Psychology and I tutored and taught English to individuals of different age groups. I enjoy teaching and passing on knowledge and I love to help in any way possible. I always make sure students feel comfortable and are not shy (since that is sometimes a problem). I want to make learning fun and an activity where a person will learn and use their knowledge in a proper manner in proper situations. I was registered on a Czech website where I had a few reviews. Feel free to check it out I might still be registered there.

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