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Andrew Barham
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 anglický jazyk, angličtina
 Povazska Bystrica
 017 01 (Považská Bystrica)
  15€ - 20€ za 60 minút
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  doučuje aj skupiny
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My name is Andrew Barham. I’m a native English teacher from London and I have been an ESL teacher for 9 years.


English lessons & classes: • Speaking (Practice & Correction) • Pronunciation (Accent Reduction) • IELTS • FCE (First) • CAE (Advanced) • CPE (Proficiency) • Work • Study • Confidence


I can give you a range of different lessons:
• IELTS - prepare for IELTS with flexible lessons focused on your needs
• First Certificate (FCE) - take your English to B2 level
• Cambridge Advanced (CAE) - take your English to a C1 professional level
• Pronunciation - manage phone calls and British colleagues better with improved pronunciation
• Everyday English - improve your knowledge of phrasal verbs, colloquialisms and idioms. Get more fluent and confident in conversation.

I have experience teaching all levels within the European framework for languages from A1 TO C2
I have also taught students of differing ages from children to adults.

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation to discuss your goals, my methodology and any other questions you may have.

Price: Individuals 15 ‎€
Groups 20 ‎€

I usually prefer to teach at home but if you would like to have lessons at your home or workplace I can travel.

Contact: 0944 237 576


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