About us

Driven by a thirst for education, we came up with this education platform to connect people online to share their knowledge offline.


Šimona Tomková

Šimona Tomková Šimona is a student of mass media communication in Trnava. She takes care of tutors, helping them improve their profiles and publish interesting blogs. She organizes community meetups, likes to play volleyball and enjoys sewing in her free time.

Peter Trubačík

Peter Trubačík A programmer and web creator that likes to cooperate on good projects. Peter graduated in informatics from the Technical University in Košice. Since October 2015 he has been part of our project. He takes care of the website's functionality and further development. He used to spend his free time with sport shooting, but now he's more into biking, playing poker, psychology and watching good movies without commercials.

Juraj Svinčák

Juraj Svinčák A graduate of the material-technology faculty at STU in Bratislava. He is the most important member of the team. His head is always full of exciting and achievable ideas. He is the project coordinator that keeps us on our feet with new ideas every day. An athlete with heart & soul who is used to pushing his limits.

Tomáš Palkovič

Tomáš Palkovič A graduate of the faculty of mathematics and physics as well as the faculty of management at UK in Bratislava. Tomas is a web developer and entrepreneur from head to toe. In his free time he likes to play sports or music. At work, he's the tireless one who wants to improve everything on the platform around the clock.

Ján Kovács

Ján Kovács A web/graphics designer and coder who is also the soul of www.kovidesign.sk. Kovi created the visuals for meet'n'learn. Web, design, corporate identity, branding and more are his passion. He's all about new trends. His work is clean in design. You can even find it in well-known galleries. Apart from that, he's a cinephilel, gourmet and F1 fan.