Shhh. Silent Letters

Shhh. Silent Letters

Опубліковано: 14. 8. 2022 Автор: Lorraine B.

Did you know that there are many letters that can be silent at times in English. Sometimes we pronounce them, and sometimes we don't?

I know... it only makes it more complicated. There are sometimes rules or this; other times it is irregular.

Some examples:

The verbs 'talk' and 'walk' both have a silent letter. It is the letter 'L'. They are pronounced 'tok' and 'wok'. The L is silent. On the other hand, we do pronounce the 'L' in lion, lamp, lollipop, light and more.

Another common pronuciation error that I hear from students is the word 'answer'.

Can you guess the silent letter?

It is 'w'. We say this word like 'ans-er'. We do pronounce the 'w' in win, wonderful, window and many more words.

Some more challenging words to pronounce have more than 1 silent letter.

Some examples of this are as follows:

- Caught, this is the past tense of catch. Caught is pronounced like 'cot' or 'caut'. The 'GH' are silent.

- Through, the 'GH' is also silent in this word. It is pronounced like 'thru'.

Although, we usually pronounce the letter 'h' in English, there are a few exceptions.

We pronounce the 'h' in hotel, help, here, her, helicopter, and more. We do not pronounce the 'h' in hour, honest, vehicle, and ghost.

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Thanks for reading.

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Lorraine Black