Nesrine A.

Nesrine Aroussi
Účet overený:

 anglický jazyk, francúzsky jazyk, arabský jazyk
 Banská Bystrica
 976 02 (Dolný Jelenec)
  6€ - 8€ za 60 minút
  dochádza za študentom
  70% zodpovedaných správ

I am a sympathetic woman from Algeria, I am 28,
I have just moved to Slovakia and learning the language is one of my top goals. I already speak French, English and Arabic.
I am a friendly and easy going person. I can adapt to new situation. I am responsible and dedicated to my job. I can be very understanding and patient.
I have all my motivation and commitment to offer you all I ask for is your trust.
If u are interested, I prefer to contact me via facebook: Nesrine Aroussi


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