Native English tutor (available to help improve in most areas of English).

Charlie R.

Charlie Rhys Williams
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anglický jazyk - pokročilý, anglický jazyk - začiatočník
12€ - 15€ za 60 minút
doobeda, poobede, víkend,
dochádza za študentom
70% zodpovedaných správ

Hello (Dobrý deň), I am a native English speaker from York, England. I am an undergraduate student studying Psychology at the University of Liverpool. I have GCSE qualifications in English Language and in English Literature. I am also learning Slovak. I know basic Slovak and I aim to teach English in Bratislava over summer whilst experiencing Slovak culture and learn more of the language myself. My passion for England is strong and I am very enthusiastic to teach individuals not just the language but give insight into the British culture including music and traditions. I consider myself very friendly, open and patient when it comes to teaching. I aim to do my best to develop your ability to speak English and also knowledge about the UK in general.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me. You can contact me on Facebook (Charlie Rhys Williams) or via email

From 15th July I will be free anytime between 8-5pm, I am happy to make exceptions to suit your needs. Thank you (Ďakujem) and I look forward to hearing from you!

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