Native Spanish teacher from Spain

David M.

David Manrique
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španielsky jazyk, španielčina - začiatočník, španielsky jazyk - pokročilý, španielsky jazyk - mierne pokročilý, španielsky jazyk - štátna skúška základná
Doučuje aj cez skype / internet
20€ - 20€ za 60 minút
doobeda, poobede, večer,
70% zodpovedaných správ

I studied Business and Management at the University of Malaga (Spain). While I was still studying I used to teach Spanish just for fun. I started teaching some people that I met in language exchange platforms.

After finishing my degree, I started working in several jobs that had nothing to do with teaching. I found myself uninspired, demotivated and I felt like I needed to make a living out of something that I enjoy. Then, I decided to start taking lessons to become a professional teacher and I got my certification as a Spanish teacher after 9 months. Today, you can contribute to help me just by booking some lessons with me to teach you on Skype.

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