Native English (UK) Speaker for Lessons/Conversation in Senec

Tony W.

Tony Wye
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Senec, Veľký Biel, kralova pri senci
Doučuje aj cez skype / internet
15€ - 25€ za 60 minút
doobeda, poobede,
dochádza za študentom
doučuje aj skupiny
100% zodpovedaných správ
27h priemerná rýchlosť odpovede

Hi, Im Tony Wye from the UK but Im now an English teacher in Senec (I was born 5km from where the Queen lives but I have lived in Senec for 12 years with my family). People say I have a "nice" British accent. I worked for 29 years at multinational companies (like O2, Orange, BMW, DHL) who all spoke in English so I have very good business English knowledge. I teach English part time at a couple of Schools in Senec (ages ranges 3 to 16) each morning and a few private clients but Im most days from 10am. Search for "Tony Wye English in Senec" and you'll find more information.My aim is to make learning English fun !

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