Agustin L.

Agustin L.

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Agustin L.

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Spanish lessons - Spanish native from Argentina

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  • Preferované časy: doobeda, poobede, večer, víkend
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Preferované časy: doobeda, poobede, večer, víkend
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Hola! Cómo estás? yo soy Agustin, an Argentinian in Bratislava and I want to help you to learn Spanish, focusing on the subjects which you mostly like and always according to your objectives.
I am passionate about languages and I have learned some such as English, French and Portuguese. From my own experience I discovered different ways and methods to learn languages and I want to share them with you!
Aktualné sa ucim po slovensky, je pre mna idealne komunikovať' po anglicky.

The testing lesson is for free. Don't hesitate to contact me if any question comes to your mind!