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Nico S.

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Nico S.

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Learn American English with Nico

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I am an American citizen currently living in Bratislava, Slovakia. I wanted to come here to visit family, experience Slovak culture and language, and try something different in life.

I am an online student myself and am working on degrees in music theory and audio production. Bratislava is a great city and I've been enjoying my stay here thus far!

I found this site for two reasons.

First, I wanted to be able to help people learn and practice understanding and speaking English. It is becoming (or has become) the world's lingua franca, and to understand and speak it will grant you new opportunities with new people, schools, and careers.

The second reason is that I wanted to become a student of the Slovak language myself. I am taking courses for Slovak and have been meeting with multiple people exchanging tutoring each other English & Slovak which has been helpful for me and my couple of students.

Currently, I've been tutoring multiple students in English for a few months now. I can help you better understand colloquial & business English, vocabulary and grammar, and even some American slang if you'd like! I can tutor you in a more casual, conversational style if you prefer, but I can also provide lesson materials with different excercises, for speech, reading, and writing. I work independently and also for a private agency.

Shortly, I will have a TEFL online English tutoring certificate, so I will have an even stronger teaching method as well as more helpful resources for helping my students improve their comprehension and speech.

I am also working on creating a free group for an English language exchange/practice that I am planning on having to occur every other Saturday in a public space. I am hoping to launch this in April. If you have any thoughts or comments about that meet-up, please feel free to message me about that too! I will be posting details on this profile once the group is ready to launch :)

Thank you, Slovakia, for a warm welcome.

- Nico

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Nico ma doučuje anglický jazyk niekoľko mesiacov. Na hodiny výučby je vždy pripravený, vždy dobre naladený , na hodine sa nikdy nenudim. Oceňujem jeho profesionálny a systematický prístup a odporúčam Nica tým, ktorí sa chcú naučiť a zlepšiť jazyk a zároveň tráviť svoj čas efektívne a s prínosom pre seba. Nico je naozaj profesionál a veľmi príjemný človek.