Mira G.

Mira G.

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Mira G.

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Formal, informal, business, natural, and conversational English from a former UK resident of 24 years

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I lived, studied and worked in England for 24 years until not so long ago. Therefore, my level of English is as close to that of a native speaker as you can get. To this day, I communicate predominantly in English as it is the first language of my immediate family members. My children went through the British education system, which gave me insights and exposure to understanding how students learn to read, speak and write high-level English.

I teach my students how to communicate effectively and like a pro.

I believe that being able to speak good English opens doors to many opportunities. English is the most spoken language in the world; once you can understand it well, you can access so much information out there.

I am a very passionate teacher, my ultimate goal is to teach my students how to communicate well and with confidence.

I tailor my lessons to the needs of the student. I believe that learning how to speak simply but like a native speaker is the basis for building one's language skills.

I teach business English as well. Having a degree in Business Accounting and working for a large corporation helps me understand the needs of students who use English at work or university.

I teach students how to write good emails. Good communication is important and not easy even in your mother tongue. I have helped students who use English at work to improve their email communication, which gives them great confidence.

Donedávna som žila v UK (24 rokov) kde som aj vyštudovala vysokú školu a pracovala vo financiách. Dodnes komunikujem prevažne v angličtine nakolko je to natívny jazyk mojich najbližších. Viem naučiť aj matematiku po anglicky. Učím aj skupiny. od €15/h

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