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Daria H.

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English / German language coaching online

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Preferované časy: poobede, večer, víkend


Hello dear language learners! I'm Daria, a linguist, secondary school teacher in Germany and language coach. I teach English, Russian and German as a foreign language.

Would you like to brush up on your English skills or learn the language from scratch? Do you need English for holiday trips or for Zoom meetings with international colleagues? I will be happy to help you! Language coaching is a modern approach to language learning that enables you to learn foreign languages with more mindfulness and smart planning, and thus more effectively and quickly.

It offers the opportunity to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses in language skills and language learning, set a concrete and achievable learning goal and develop an individual learning plan, find and maintain motivation to learn, and find out how you learn best.

The lessons take place online via video conferencing on an interactive learning platform where I create each lesson with interactive exercises, texts, videos and assignments depending on your goal and interests. I believe in the communicative approach and organise my lessons so that you speak the foreign language most of the time. I use modern authentic textbooks by Oxford, Macmillan, Cambridge and Klett as well as learning apps that make language learning more accessible and more exciting.

! Important: I don't speak Slovak, so we will have to communicate in the language you are learning - English, German or Russian - all the time, which is great for breaking the language barrier :)

This is how we proceed:

- Free Intake Session: we get to know each other, discuss your goals with deadlines, your current level, how much time and what opportunities you have to learn. If you wish, you can take an English test. As a result of this trial session, you will receive an individual learning path and suggestions for learning English.
- Language Training and Feedback: tailor-made lessons addressing all language systems and skills.
- Self-reflection and Assessment: regular testing and reflection so you can assess your progress.
- Accountability and Support: support between lessons.

Small-group teaching is also possible. I also offer asynchronous online English courses that you can take independently at your own convenience.
As a result,

- you will see your progress within months;
- you will stay motivated because of the varied and exciting materials and tasks;
- you will be able to pass a language test, e.g. IELTS.

The price of the classes is:
- small groups: 15 EUR / 75 min.
- individual classes: 30 EUR / 60 min.

I look forward to your enquiry!

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