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Aina M.

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Native Spanish teacher in Kosice

  • Doučuje aj online
  • Od  15 €
  • Preferované časy: poobede, večer, víkend
Cena Od 15 €
Preferované časy: poobede, večer, víkend


My name is Aina, I’m from Mallorca, Spain. I speak spanish and catalan. I study General Medicine in english.

I love my culture, so I would really like to teach you proper spanish and make you love it too :)

I am a really extroverted girl, so our classes will be interesting and funny! But don’t forget, you will learn a lot!

Inst@gram aina_mp or dm me in Faceboök

Typy lekcií

Štandardná lekcia

It can be online or in presence form. We can set the goals together and stick to a plan after each lesson.

15 € / 55 min