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Marc H.

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Marc H.

Prijíma študentov

Native English Speaker for a great price 🇬🇧 🪙

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  • Od  10 €/hod
  • Preferované časy: doobeda, poobede, večer
Cena Od 10 €/hod
Preferované časy: doobeda, poobede, večer


Would you like to speak more fluently or improve your grammar? Whatever your needs, I can help you to gain confidence no matter what your level; beginner to advanced.

Hello, and welcome to my profile here on douč

💲💥I'm new to the platform, so I'm offering my first 3 students a special introductory offer. If you are one of my first 3 students you can have 2 hours of teaching for just €20. If you like my lessons, then all I ask is that you tell your friends!🔥💰

🎓 Teaching Experience 👇
I'm a qualified teacher with experience teaching English in both private and state schools. My teaching career started in 2020 at Narnia school in Banská Bystrica, where I taught English conversation. Since 2020 I have also worked for Narnia school in Bratislava and I'm currently teaching for the Bridge language school. I have experience teaching young learners and adults both online and in person.

✒️ Teaching method 📚
I use communicative language teaching which focuses on:
➡️ active participation of the students in class.
➡️ inclusion of authentic materials into teaching.
➡️ integration of all the language aspects into lessons: grammar, vocabulary, functions, and improvement of the skills reading, speaking, listening, and writing.
➡️ deepening communication with a focus on functional language.
➡️ focuses on phonology to improve the student´s listening skills as well as pronunciation.

I also use content and language-integrated learning method (CLIL). CLIL focuses on:
⏩ reading texts and/or watching videos related to the topic.
⏩ answering questions that draw out new vocabulary related to the subject.
⏩ vocabulary rather than grammar.

My CLIL lessons include science topics such as space 🚀, gravity ☄️, the human body 🩻, and healthy eating 🍇🍏. These lessons would be perfect for young learners between the age of 8-10 years old.

I welcome bookings from adult students or young learners.

Our first lesson will be a discussion about your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, why you want to improve your English and any goals you would like to work towards. I will then build a syllabus using your likes, dislikes and interests as a reference for the topics we will focus on.

My teaching qualifications are shown below 👇

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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10 € / 55 min

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