Ermelinda L.

Ermelinda L.

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Ermelinda L.

Passionate and Enthusiastic Tutor Eager to Foster Learning and Achievement

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I am an ardent educator with a love for languages and a deep-seated commitment to fostering learning and growth among my students. My academic journey led me to Brazil, where I pursued and completed my PhD in Public Health Epidemiology. This rigorous academic endeavor honed my research and communication skills, laying a solid foundation for my teaching pursuits.

Upon relocating to Ireland, I delved into the realm of language teaching, providing Portuguese lessons to adults. This was paralleled by my volunteer experience in Cape Verde, where I taught English to children. These teaching engagements have not only sharpened my pedagogical skills but also instilled a profound appreciation for the transformative power of language and communication.

In each teaching engagement, I strive to make learning an enjoyable, interactive, and rewarding experience. My approach is student-centered, aiming to cater to the unique learning needs and aspirations of each individual. I believe in the reciprocal nature of teaching, where both the educator and the students embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and growth.

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