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Italo P.

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Italo P.

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Your Native Italian Tutor for all levels

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Ciao! I'm your friendly Italian language tutor, and I'm here to make your Italian learning experience as delightful as a scoop of gelato on a sunny day in Rome. 🌞

I have been teaching italian since 5 years in italy, Spain, Portugal and England.
I was born in Italy and until my 30th years I lived there. Then i start travelling and teaching.
I can help you with conversation, grammar.
If you need commercial and business Italian, I'm the right teacher for you.
I will test you level and see how I can help you for your best need.

Why Choose Me?
🇮🇹 Native Italian Speaker: I'll help you master the beauty of Italian from the heart of its culture.
👨‍🏫 5 Years of Teaching Experience: I've been sharing my passion for Italian all across Europe.
🎉 Fun and Engaging: let's learn through music, movies, articles, conversations and more.
👩‍🏫 Experienced Tutor: I've helped countless students unlock the secrets of Italian.

What You'll Get:
🗣️ Conversational Italian: Start conversing from day one.
📚 Tailored Lessons: Lessons customized to your interests and goals.
🧡 First Lesson FREE: No strings attached; just a taste of the adventure that awaits you.

Ready to Dive into Italian?
📩 Message me now to claim your FREE lesson and embark on your Italian journey. It's time to speak the language of love and culture!

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18 € / 55 min

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Roman F.

Roman F.

4 odučené lekcie

Italo je vynikajúci lektor. Je milý a trpezlivý, ale predovšetkým je to profík vo svojom remesle. Tým že je Native Speaker napredujem omnoho rýchlejšie a vie mi vysvetliť aj ťažšie koncepty a nuansy. Ak nie po Taliansky tak po Anglicky. Môžem len odporučiť.

Odpoveď doučovatela:

Thank you Roman, you are more than welcome.

Angela M.

Angela M.

1 odučená lekcia

Italo is a very good and professional teacher. I am learning a lot with him and I highly recommend him 👏