Zeinab I.

Zeinab I.

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Zeinab I.

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Come Learn Arabic Habibi

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Preferované časy: poobede, večer, víkend
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My name is Zeinab Ibrahim, and I am from Sudan.
I teach English and Arabic. I have two years of experience, and I incorporate dynamic teaching to my lessons.

Why should you learn Arabic?

1. Market Access and Economic Potential: Being proficient in Arabic allows one to enter the vast Middle Eastern markets, where more than 400 million people speak the language in more than 20 countries. These markets have strong GDP growth rates, draw large investments—such as the $19 billion in FDI that the UAE will receive in 2021—and facilitate trade hubs like Dubai, where transactions will exceed $353 billion in 2021.

2. Variety of Career Opportunities and Worldwide Demand: Gaining proficiency in Arabic opens up job opportunities in a number of fields, such as international relations, banking, and journalism. It also satisfies the growing demand for language skills in professions like translation and tourism, as evidenced by the 29% rise in U.S. job postings that call for Arabic proficiency.

3. Effective Communication and Networking: Knowing Arabic improves communication and connections, which is essential for conducting business successfully in the Middle East and for international diplomacy in 22 nations where Arabic is the main language. 

4. Access to Rich Intellectual and Cultural Resources: Studying Arabic opens up doors to a wealth of historical writings and manuscripts, as well as rich intellectual resources. This is especially beneficial in the modern workforce, as 60% of workers are under 30, meaning there are plenty of prospects for personal development.

5. Global Relevance and Career Advancement: The significance of Arabic for the MENA region's $1.03 billion start-up funding growth in 2020, as well as its role in tech innovation, highlight the language's relevance for career advancement and global understanding. Arabic unites over 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide, highlighting its cultural ties.

That being said,I look forward to teaching you the beautiful Arabic language and/or English.

Thank you for reaching this.

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Trial lesson

English Language Speaking and comprehension. English Language Grammar and Writing.

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English Conversation for Beginners

15 € / 55 min

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Dia K.

Dia K.

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I had my first lesson with Zeinab today. She was sweet, patient and did her best to let me understand the basics (alphabet and pronounciation). I am looking forward to more lessons.