Samuel A.

Samuel A.

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Samuel A.

Prijíma študentov

Online Student Networking Tutor

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Hello there,

About me:
I am a Slovakian student at the Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland for the past two years. I am specialising in IT Network Services. Throughout that time, I was a volunteer Mentor at CoderMojo, where we taught programming skills to young Irish children and developed my tutoring skills.
(unless you are near Dublin 😉)

What I can offer you :
Introduction Python Programming Language
Cisco Networking Technology, Directory Services (expecting that you already know about Basic Networking )
In what the language I can teach you :
Slovak (but I still expect that you will know English in B2 due to material )

What I am using for communication during the lesson:

Technical Requirements:
Have good PC 😉

Price :
10 - 15 € per hour (we will discuss it later )
Duration Leeson:
That can be agreed upon individually

I hope I can start working with you in the near future 😄

See ya !

Typy lekcií

Standard lesson

10 € / 55 min