Using English while Travelling

Using English while Travelling

Publikované: 26. 10. 2022 Autor: Lorraine B.

Are you planning to travel to an English speaking country? Perhaps you are stopping in a country where you will need to speak English while you transfer.  

Here is some travel specific vocabulary that is helpful to know in English.

If you are talking with someone about your ticket, possibly an airplane ticket here is some useful vocabulary that you may hear or have to use:

Round trip ticket: Leave place A, go to place B, then return to place A again.

One way ticket: Leave place A, go to place B with no ticket to go back to place A.

Multi-stop ticket: Leave place A, go to B, then C, then D. More than 1 stop in different places.

Departure: Leaving a place

Destination: The place that you are going to

Arrival: When you get to your destination

If you are travelling soon, or maybe you are booking a ticket to travel you will notice these words. 

Happy Travels!

Lorraine Black

Internationally Certified English Teacher, Travel Blogger & Travel Copywriter